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Georeferencing Niamey power network and developement of a dedicated network management application

Country : Niger. .
Client : Niger Utility - Société Nigérienne d’Electricité (NIGELEC)
Start Date : 08/2014
Completion Date : 02/2015
Value of services : 238 000 €
Funder : Niger Utility - Société Nigérienne d’Electricité (NIGELEC)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Although nowadays technology offers huge opportunities especially in the field of information management and automation of some repetitive process, the Electricity Utility of Niger (NIGELEC) does not have computer tools to monitor and manage its distribution network.
In order to improve its network management and locate its customers, and therefore to improve its quality of service, NIGELEC wished to proceed to georeferencing the grid of the city of Niamey in a GIS database and thus have a user-friendly GIS based Application that allows easy management of the grid and its distribution facilities.
The application :
* Provides an updated map of the city of Niamey
* Provides inventory and geolocation of the grid and its equipment (poles, lines, substations, power plants, etc.) for the city of Niamey
* Provides inventory and geolocation of customers
* Generates updated plans of the grid
* Enables to identify customers supplied by each line and station
* Generates automatically or on demand periodic or incidental reports (Lines features / Load per Line / Equipment / Production systems condition / Intervention reports / etc.)
Description of the Actual Services Provided * Georeferencing NIGELEC distribution network and associated equipement (LV and MV lines, poles , transformers..) and customers
* Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) database
* Editing maps of Niamey power network
* Design and implementation of an application managing the distribution network:
- visualization of network elements and customers
- assessment of electricity needs for a given area
- monitoring network operations and maintenance
- edition of periodic reports
* Capacity building in GIS and management tool use for final users
* Technical support