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Vocational Technical Training for Cambodia and Laos rural electrification SMEs (VTCL)

Country : Cambodia. Laos.
Client : ASEAN Energy Center
Start Date : 2005-01-01
Completion Date : 2006-12-29
Value of services : 511 361 $
Funder : European Union (EC ASEAN Energy Facility) .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
This project aims at improving the quality, safety and affordability of rural electricity services in Cambodia and Laos by training the rural energy services providers with relevant required skills . The activities will include assessment of the needs of the rural electricity providers in both countries, designing a curriculum to meet those needs, incorporating relevant stakeholders comments, training local trainers to teach this curriculum, then delivering a pilot course in each country to ensure its suitability. Sustainability will be fostered by the fact that the project partners are premier institutions in Laos and Cambodia, who will then mainstream the courses in their curricula. The project includes activities for promotion of the courses and developing their business case.
The specific objectives and activities of this project are :
1/ Improve affordability, quality, safety and sustainability of rural electricity in Cambodia
2/ Establish a high quality vocational technical training courses specially designed for the rural electricity operators, existing and potential, in Laos and Cambodia on the subjects:
- Business management for energy service companies
- Generator types and fuel sources
- Energy efficiency, technical standards and government licensing requirements
- Diesel generator sizing, operation and maintenance.
- Design and maintenance of distribution network
- Practical skills and techniques for O&M and Safety
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED, as leader for the project, was in charge of the global tasks coordination and more particularly for the following activities :
- Review and context study of vocational technical training issues in Cambodia and Laos.
- Survey of training needs for rural electrification operator and students in trainings
- Design curriculum guidelines and organise related review workshops
- Design a business case
- Design and produce curriculum kits, organise review workshops and translate the kits into Khmer and Lao
- Training of trainers
- Pilot courses