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Development of a drinking water supply scheme for medium-sized localities

Country : Mali. .
Client : Direction de l'Hydraulique
Start Date : 1990
Completion Date : 1991
Value of services : 11 586 €
Funder : Caisse Française de Développement .
Associate/Partner : BURGEAP
Description :
In the framework of the development of a master plan for drinking water supply in rural settlements of size ranging from 2 000 to 10 000 population, IED was commissioned to :
* make an inventory of existing water supply systems and to examine in some typical centres their energy consumption patterns,
* propose alternative options using solar or thermal energy sources applicable to the conditions of these localities, specifying the type of operating and investment and operational costs (solar and thermal)
Description of the Actual Services Provided Tasks carried out by IED experts consisted of :
* conducting a ten-day field mission to assess existing systems,
* identifying products best suited to different demand patterns, taking into account operating costs, emphasising energy and water supply synergies both in terms of design and operation and maintenance.