Fiches GB: 1992

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Identification of hydroelectric micro-power station projects in the framework of Franco-Indian co-operation

Country : India. .
Client : French State
Start Date : 1992
Completion Date : 1992
Value of services : 15 244€
Funder : French State
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
India is greatly concerned with renewable energies development, in particular micro-hydro and has achieved industrial capacity in this sector. It is in this context that the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs commissioned IED and energy consultants, with a thorough knowledge of India, to define areas of co-operation between the two countries in the field of small water power stations.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED’s role was to :
* assess the main projects underway in the following sectors : mini-stations connected to the grid, micro stations part of the irrigation system, micro or pico stations in very remote areas (in the Northern States of India),
* to conduct together with DNES (Department of Non conventional Energy Source) an investigative and feasibility mission in poorly electrified regions located in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh,
* identify technology requirements on the Indian side for low fall turbine production.

IED recommendations defined two lines of co-operation :
* low fall turbines of the compact pico-type (less than 50 kW) and micro-stations (100 to 500 kW),
* implementation of integrated pico-power station programmes in remote areas with an integrated approach, in bunches, to assist operation and maintenance.