Rural electrification. Power generation  N/A



Study on water and power distribution in small urban centres

Country : Centrafrica. .
Client : Ministry of the Energy and Mineral Resources .
Start Date : 1994
Completion Date : 1995
Value of services : N/A
Funder : Caisse Française de Développement .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Water and power distribution in the centres of the interior of the RCA is characterised by its low efficiency and efficacy. The present study’s objectives were to assess the feasibility of electrifying 5 centres of the interior and analysing possible operational and structural synergies between power and water supply.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The first phase consisted in a diagnosis of the current status of power and water supply through an in depth study of a few secondary cities already electrified and/or supplied with water. 5 secondary towns were selected on the basis of these results, for which a technical and financial evaluation was proposed in the perspective of rehabilitating / extending the power distribution network.
The second phase of the study consisted in undertaking a survey in the 5 urban centres, executed by surveyors from the ONE and ENERCA, who were specially trained for the purpose. The survey’s objectives were to understand:
* status of existing installations and the cost of rehabilitating / reinforcing them,
* current consumption patterns of water and electricity,
* assessing latent demand, particularly of self producers, who could be connected to the network,
* current organisational patterns, relations between the two services,
* customer management.
Based on the results of the survey, an action and investment plan was proposed, with the following components:
* identification of priority centres, estimation of required works and related investments,
* required adaptation of local management,
* institutional organisation of the programme,
* quantification of expected financial returns.