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Study of line over-loading in the French electricity network : fast retriggering benefits

Country : N/A
Client : EDF - Electricité de France .
Start Date : 1995
Completion Date : 1995
Value of services : 185 000 FF
Funder : EDF (Electricité de France) .
Associate/Partner : BCEOM
Description :
This technical study was undertaken on behalf of the French Electricity Utility (EDF) Research Department with the aim of defining, by computer simulation, the complex parameters of network overload factors in the Rhone valley, and examining a series of potential remedies
Description of the Actual Services Provided The study was carried out in two phases :
1. Benefits derived from rapid line retriggering : This part of the study determined, once the short-circuit was eliminated, the effect of rapid retriggering on the stability of a production unit by means of EUROSTAG computer programme.
2. Study of line overloading : In this second phase, the objective was to determine feasible remedies to alleviate overloading in the Rhone valley. This led to the preparation of a data file representing the Rhone valley during peak period, so as to clarify transmission problems occurring after the breakdown of a line in the Rhone valley.
The next stage was to examine the effect, on the transmission network, of different corrective : recourse to one or several nuclear units in the Rhone valley, conventional or hydro power enhancement, special operational procedures.
In addition, the functioning principle of an automated device was modelled so as to establish whether any of these remedies could result in the breakdown of the automated system.