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Study on how to regulate the European network active power: development of a coordinated defence plan in case of synchronism disruptions, a parametric study of the active power

Country : France. .
Client : EDF - Electricité de France .
Start Date : 1994
Completion Date : 1994
Value of services : 608 000 FF
Funder : EDF (Electricité de France) .
Associate/Partner : BCEOM
Description :
Since 1951, Western European countries have organised themselves so as to improve the general economics and operational safety of their electricity systems. To this effect and since that date the Union for the Coordination of Electricity Production and Transport (UCPTE) has ensured the necessary coordination.
Description of the Actual Services Provided In this context, the study entrusted to IED was carried out in three parts:
The first part :
* describes the network used for studying the European system active power setting and its characteristics,
* presents EUROSTAG computer programme simulation presenting different solutions together with visualisation and comparison of the latter,
* submits results of tests carried out in static and dynamic modes and compares simulation results and those measured in the course of network incidents with UCPTE results.
The second part, defined those active power reserve parameters, which in case of disruption, make it possible to assess reserve utilisation, depending on location of the stand-by unit, static state of units, some non-linearity phenomena, inclusion or exclusion of secondary frequency-power setting (RSFP).
The last part of the study presents an anti-synchronism breakdown co-ordinated plan which put through legislation in favour of pre-defined unloading. The thrust of this particular measure is to unload some of the weakest regions in cases of synchronism disruptions so as to obliviate identical events in other regions.