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Feasability study of rural electrification of Maio island based on renewable energy

Country : Cape Verde. .
Client : European Union . Cabo Verde Delegation.
Start Date : 1996
Completion Date : 1996
Value of services : 56 000 ECU
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The objective is to study the technical, financial and economic feasibility of harnessing Photovoltaïcs and wind energy for electrification of rural areas of Maio island.
The study was carried out in close collaboration with the local administration office, the Camara Municipality, various other institutions involved in the development of the island and European Commission delegation in Praia.
Description of the Actual Services Provided - the feasibility study, including :
* demand assessment: collection of relevant technical, institutional, socio-economic and financial data (through field surveys). Development of a database on energy consumption patterns on Maio island and load forecasting over the coming years;
* study of the various technical options: capacity strengthening of the existing diesel plant and associated MV network and / or coupling with PV / wind generation; semi-centralised option at the level of each of the principal settlements on the island through wind electric generation with an associated distribution grid and / or photovoltaic generation to meet community requirements; decentralised option of solar home systems;
* cost - benefit analysis including external benefits and full life cycle and financial analysis (including depreciation, operation and maintenance costs, ...)
* selection of the best option and proposition of adapted organisation modalities.
- the writing of the European Commission’s funding document;