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Technical Assistance to the Regional co-ordination of the Regional Solar Pumping Programme - Consolidation phase

Country : Cape Verde. Gambia. Mauritania. Guinea Bissau. Senegal. Burkina Faso. Mali. Niger. Chad
Client : Inter State Committee for Fight against Drought in Sahel (CILSS)
Start Date : 1997
Completion Date : 1998
Value of services : 983 600 FF
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : SEMIS
Description :
The Regional Solar programme (RPS) consisted in the installation of 626 pumps and 649 community systems (lighting systems and refrigerators) in the 9 Sahelian countries of the CILSS. The last procurement contracts of the RPS were signed at the end of 1994 and commissioning of the last solar systems was targeted for the end of 1996.
After a detailed assessment of the situation in each country, executed in 1997 by IED, the European Commission and the CILSS commissioned IED, in association with SEMIS, for the technical assistance to the regional co-ordination of RPS for the identification and implementation of the consolidation activities.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED-SEMIS’ tasks, in the frame of the Technical assistance to the RSP are to :
* Undertake specific action in certain State to finalise the installation of pumping systems and control their performance ;
* Execute surveys to establish a detailed situation of the pumping systems (151 pumps, Mali) and community systems (287 lighting system and refrigerators, Burkina Faso) ;
* Support national project co-ordinators for the execution of measures to control the contractual performance of the pumps ;
* Be sure that the actions aiming at the sustainability of the installed systems are implemented in each country (savings management, renewal of the maintenance contracts) ;
* Develop a computerised database for financial follow up of the system. This tool, developed at regional level, is installed in each country (national project managers and local private operators), and IED-SEMIS carries out the training of the national person in charge.