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Proposal for the European Union Thermie A Programme

Country : France. .
Client : Conseil Général du Limousin
Start Date : 1997
Completion Date : 1998
Value of services : 15 244€
Funder : Conseil Général du Limousin
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The Regional Council of Limousin is proposing a High Environmental Quality (HEQ) Technical High School in Limoges. The technical and functional details have been developed and include environmental issues that are specific to the conditions of the high schools and its requirements.

An important environmental component of a building is its’ capacity to rationalise the overall use of energy by intelligent building design and the use of energy efficiency appliances. With this in mind, the building will be constructed in such a way that the thermal requirements of the building will be 40 % less compared to the regulatory requirements. This will be achieved by, as already mentioned above, intelligent building design, the use energy efficiency appliances and also by the installation of a cogeneration plant. Three high schools will be linked to this installation.
Description of the Actual Services Provided This project is already in a well advanced stage, it shows enough innovative, replicable characteristics in France and in other European countries to justify a subsidy through the framework of the European Union Thermie A programme.
In this context, the Regional Council of the Limousin has asked IED to prepare a full proposal to the EC Thermie A programme requiring such a subsidy.
The proposal highlights the following points :
* The innovative characteristics of the project, in the approach of the project, the technologies used and the materials proposed ;
* The replicable characteristics of the project ;
* The European characteristics of the project.