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Training seminar for renewable energy project developers, users, suppliers and bankers of Asean countries

Country : ASIA
Client : AEEMTRC (Asean EC Energy Management, Training, and Research Centre)
Start Date : 1998
Completion Date : 1998
Value of services : 15 000 ECU
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The Asean EC Energy Management, Training, and Research Centre (AEEMTRC) organised from 22nd to the 26th of May 1998, a training seminar on renewable energy sources for the project developers, users, suppliers and bankers in Bangkok, Thailand.
The objectives of the seminar were :
* To introduce basic concepts on new and renewable sources of energy (NRSE) utilisation and conversion technologies, existing application and market conditions ;
* To exchange information and views on policy for funding NRSE projects ;
* To introduce a computer software in conducting evaluation of investment project on NRSE supply ;
* To involve the participants in conducting case study analysis and guide them to interpret results * To present the financing models/schemes existing in ASEAN.
Description of the Actual Services Provided In the frame work of this seminar programme, IED's tasks was to make presentations on the following subjects:
- New and renewable sources of energy,
- Wind energy,
- Mini and micro hydro,
- Financial and sustainability issues of solar photovoltaïc drinking water pumping, issues of rural financial management,
- Strategies and consideration for financing NRSE projects.
For each presentation, a general introduction was made, but the presentation was articulated on case studies to illustrate the positive and negative influence of existing policies (for example: the high degree of fiscal incentive in India, which, in the long term, had a negative impact on the wind energy market, or the innovative management option of the Sahel Regional Solar Programme). European policies to improve the implementation and R&D projects based on NRSE were examined, in order to give example of incentive policies at a large scale.
The seminar gathered approx. 60 participants from Europe and Asia.