Technical assistance
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Technical assistance for decentralized rural electrification in South West areas

Country : Burkina Faso. .
Client : Ministry of agriculture of Burkina faso .
Start Date : 1998
Completion Date : 2001
Value of services : 1 150 000 FF
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : EDENE
Description :
The project aims to provide power to two parts of Burkina Faso, Ganzourgou in the east-centre and the provinces of the south-west. IED undertook a feasibility study in (1998 – 1999), that included :
• Data collection and analysis (population, energy, market, …) covering a sample of 5 villages (300 questionnaires) : estimation of energy expenditure, willingness and capability of end-users to pay for a service, level of service, …
• Determining and validating technical choices
• Formulating the financial, organisational and technical schemes

IED was then commissioned to act as a Technical Assistant to the Ministry as « maîtrise d’œuvre déléguée » of the project on 2 aspects the electrification of 2 villages through mini grids (diesel powered) and the dissemination of 16 000 PV kits.
Description of the Actual Services Provided More specifically, IED’s responsibilities as TA included:
For the diesel mini grids :
(i) Selection of villages ;
(ii) Support provided to the set-up of an Association of electricity End Users;
(iii) Preparation of the tender documents (procurement, construction, management) and supervision of works;
(iv) technical assistance to the negotiations of the management contract, fixing of the tariff and setting up of the financial arrangements and
(v) overall monitoring.
For the dissemination of the PV kits:
(i) Preparation of tender documents;
(ii) Assistance to the selection of PV installers / dealers;
(iii) Information campaign in the province on the project and support to the installers; and
(iv) Control and supervision of installations.