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Technical assistance for the improvement of Abidjan airport cooling system energy efficiency

Country : Ivory Coast. .
Client : SEEE (Société d'Etudes et Entreprise d'Equipements, Ivory Coast)
Start Date : 1998
Completion Date : 1999
Value of services : N/A
Funder : SEEE (Société d'Etudes et Entreprise d'Equipements, Ivory Coast)
Associate/Partner : ERGM
Description :
To respond to a call for tender for the cooling system of Abidjan airport, the Ivory Coast company SEEE asked IED to study an option which would increase energy savings, in respect to the comfort conditions prescribed in the call for tender specification and with the objective of improving the installations quality and viability.

From the study of the arrivals and departures traffic flow, the calculation hour per hour of the cost of the energy consumption for cooling, taking into account the energy pricing, climatic fluctuations, airport occupation, different possible solutions, the eventuality of a 60 % reduction of the actual energy consumption, per year (i.e. approx. 100 million FCFA per year), was established.
Description of the Actual Services Provided This includes :
* The centralisation of new air in the unit composed of a 3 energy saving batteries system allowing to treat the rooms with dehumidifying and warming only the new air flows instead of the total unit flows.
* A production of ice water with water chillers and aerocooling optimised at full charge and part charge.
* Ventilators also optimised on an energy plan.
* Ice water stocking.
SEEE was chosen by the Board of Director of the AERIA company, which manage the Abidjan airport, to execute the works of cooling lot of the rehabilitation and extension of the airport.