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Reduction of CFC 11 and 12 consumption in ice cater production plants in textile units

Country : Vietnam. .
Client : French fund for the world environment (FFEM) .
Start Date : 1998
Completion Date : 1998
Value of services : N/C
Funder : FFEM (French Fund for the World Environment) .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The textile industry of Vietnam is growing rapidly, thanks to its export market (221 million USD in 1992, 1300 million in 1997), due to the transfer of production to other Asian countries and the local market development.
80% of the textile industry in Vietnam is owned by the government, gathered in the VINATEX company (Vietnam National Textile / Garment Corporation), which co-ordinates this activity of 44 companies. Vinatex members activities cover all the fields of the modern textile industry.
The objective of the study was to define a project aiming at the reduction of the emissions of the CFC 11 and 12 in the ice water production unit of the textile industries in Vietnam, in line with the Montreal Protocol.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The first step regards the reduction of the use of centrifuge chillers emission, which still use CFC 11 and 12 as refrigerant, and the limitation the discharge of those CFC in the atmosphere. The objective is a reduction of 3500 kg rejection.
The second step consisted in evaluating, unit by unit, the technical and economical feasibility of the modernisation of the cooling installations and replacement of the existing chillers by machines using refrigerants in line with Montreal Protocol recommendations. This work included the integration of energy efficiency measures.
As the financial profitability is real, it was decided to pursue with project implementation. The task of IED therefore included the preparation of the tender documents (both for equipment procurement and technical assistance) for project implementation.