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Feasability study for decentralized water and energy supply based on renewable energy sources

Country : Dominican Republic. .
Client : INAPA - Instituto Nacional des Aguas Potables y Alcantarillados .
Start Date : 1999
Completion Date : 2000
Value of services : N/A
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : Hydro Conseil
Description :
The project aims to implement a decentralised service for electricity and water supply, based on renewable energies, in 50 to 100 rural villages in the Dominican Republic. The technical options, the financial and implementation modalities should guarantee the economic and financial viability of the installations, which will be funded via a concessional loan of the AFD. Considering its environmental impact, the project may receive a supplementary financial support from the French global environmental fund.
The study aimed at establishing the feasibility of a project with defined objectives.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Those objectives can be separated in diagnostic, and project formulation.
- Diagnostic :
* Analysis of the local experiences and potential,
* Analysis of electricity and water supply services,
* Analysis of the municipality policy in the field of electricity and water supply,
* Evaluation of the water and electricity demand,
* Evaluation of the water and electricity offer,
* Evaluation of the water and electricity services real costs,
* Analysis of the actual policy in terms of cost recovering for water and electricity services in rural area,
* Identification, with INAPA, of the test zone.
- Project formulation :
* Dimensioning of the test program for construction and rehabilitation of electricity and water service,
* Proposition for an operational institutional scheme,
* Proposition for a viable financial scheme,
* Dissemination of the result through a workshop.