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Design for large scale water pumping project in India

Country : India. .
Client : European Union .
Start Date : 1999
Completion Date : 2000
Value of services : 114 336 €
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
In India, 25% of rural households (approx. 175 Million) are said to be without water supply. They are located mostly in small and remote villages where solar PV pumping should be the least cost option for a considerable improvement of service.
Preceding studies have shown that in spite of strong industrial capabilities and success in professional applications, large sized sustainable rural programmes are still difficult to achieve.
The European Commission has agreed to support a feasibility study for a large scale sustainable PV pumping programme in India. This 2 year project started in January 1999.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Guiding principles of the study
The project undertaked a large scale feasibility study for water pumping in one region selected in close collaboration with Indian authorities.
The work will overall be divided in 4 phases:
* Site selection : Selection of the regions of the study will be based on technical and social data, in close collaboration with public authorities. Special considerations will be given to size of settlements and issues such as local policy regarding the payment of water or local organisation dynamics. Site surveys of potential areas will confirm the final selection of the eligible villages and the possible management modes.
* Financial and organisational issues : The world-wide experiences of the partners will help to develop the financial and organisational design of the project : establishment of a sustainable supplier and service network, modalities of the financial contribution of the end-users, interfaces between the private and the public sector, possible financial channels and procedures in the existing Indian context and its trends.
* Review of the technology : The study will propose the most suited design of pumping systems and servicing procedures, adapted to the local context. Possible co-operations between Indian and European pump manufacturers, installation, warranty and after sales service practices will be reviewed and recommended.