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Development of the master plan of the Ouahigouya regional electric system

Country : Burkina Faso. .
Client : SONABEL .
Start Date : N/A
Completion Date : N/A
Value of services : N/C
Funder : DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency) .
Associate/Partner : COWI
Description :
The master plan of the power system of Ouahigouya aimed at planning the power supply development of six provinces of Burkina Faso, up to 2020.
Today, the power is limited to four SONABEL isolated plants : Ouahigouya town, and three other centres, Yako, Gourcy and Tougan.
The in-depth study explored the potential market of the area, and led to comparative technical and economical studies for the different supplying power systems.
The optimal scheme envisaged was as follows :
* Creation of a thermal plant in the north around the new thermal plant of Ouahigouya with a regional grid linking Ouahigouya to Gourcy, Tougan, Titao and some others rural city,
* Creation of a thermal plant in the south-west around reinforced Tougan power plant, with a regional grid linking Tougan to Toma, the agro-industrial valley of Sourou and some other rural cities,
* Interconnection, up to 2010-15 of those two plants with the national grid.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED was in charge of the development of the market study, the techno-economic analysis, and strategy conception. This task was done by a team of ten engineers and economists, including training.
The analysis of the rural component in the six provinces concerned, highlighted grid connected rural electrification solutions, which may :
* highlight an economic and financial profitability,
* reinforce the performance of the national grid,
* integrate, in the long term, at a larger scale and in more economic conditions, hydropower and solar photovoltaic electrification.