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Feasability study of a decentralized rural electrification programme

Country : Cameroon
Client : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Start Date : 2002
Completion Date : 2002
Value of services : 255 000€
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : ERA (Cameroon consultant)
Description :
The objective of the assignment was to conduct a feasibility study of a regional rural decentralised electrification programme in the central province of Cameroon. This comes in response to the institutional reform of the electricity sector, and in particular the establishment of the Rural Electrification Agency, the Electricity Regulatory Agency and the privatisation of SONEL, the national Utility.
The project will research the long-term viability of investments, by :
* Adopting an approach based on demand
* Promoting the participation of local co-operatives / associations that act to the benefit of the community
* Applying a tariff structure that is adapted to a privately operated system.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Phase 1 : Review existing pilot projects carried out by the ERD, identification of localities to be electrified by the ERD in the central province of Cameroon, identification of potential private operators. Establish a diagnostic on the market potential for rural electrification and identify the role of the state in the provision of subsidies. The study will act as the basis for contractual agreements between the different actors /stakeholders, and where the participation of the beneficiary communities will be highlighted.

Phase 2 : Feasibility of a rural electrification programme for the central province of Cameroon, including the potential feasibility of different technologies (including technical, resource assessment, costs, schemes, etc.). Economic and financial analysis under different subvention schemes. Tarification study. Assessment of the environmental and social impacts. Identification of the contractual obligations of the system operator. Preparation of all organisational documents, and documents pertaining to development of projects and maintenance. And finally ensure the establishment of a sustainable financial programme.