Hydro electricity. Rural electrification  N/A



Feasibility study and development of MHP tender documents for private sector participation in the electrification of three secondary centres

Country : Mozambique. .
Client : The World Bank .
Start Date : 2001
Completion Date : 2002
Value of services : 121 150€
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
GoM has placed a high priority to the provision of electricity to about forty unelectrified district capitals, many of them in the central and northern regions of the country. Some of these district capitals are expected to be electrified via connection to the main grid, while others via independent grids. To the maximum extent feasible, these investments will involve private sector participation – via equity and commercial debt, or via management contracts only – under a system of upfront “smart subsidies” and “light regulation”. IED is to conduct a preliminary pre-feasibility level study for three of the selected potential electrification sites, and provide, based on expected revenue and estimated costs of construction, operations and maintenance, an assessment of the business viability of electrification scheme, and of the willingness of the residents to accept commercially run private electricity distribution schemes. This requires a focus on
(i) potential cost reductions for small-scale electricity generation and distribution systems (or grid - bulk supply); and
(ii) project feasibility to ensure private sector participation.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Specific tasks include:
- Conduct a field trip to the identified sites and collect additional socio-economic data,
- Evaluate amount of financing required for each activity start-up (purchase of equipment and materials, etc.) ;
- Assist DNE in preparing tentative supply facilities requirements ;
- Prepare maps indicating the locations of the proposed generation and distribution systems (primary and secondary feeder layouts should be indicated on the maps) ;
- Conduct a financial analysis to ensure the sound cash flow from operation onset ;
- Recommend an environmental assessment of the electrification project and prepare TOR for the assessment.