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Local Electrification plan study of Rufisque-Thies-Tivaoune -Dioubel-Bambeye-Mbacke Concession

Country : Senegal .
Client : ASER (sous-traitant pour FICHTNER) .
Start Date : Mai 2012
Completion Date : Décembre 2012
Value of services : 120 000 €
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : Performance
Description :
The global objectives for which the study contribute are the electricity services access improvement for rural population and life condition improvement by promotion of income generation activities in the concession
The study result gives the information elements necessary to the call for tender to start the concession:
* The socio-economic data situation at the start of the concession
* The electrification baseline situation in the concession zone
* Electrification market study and definition of service targets
* Technical solution study and investment plan
* Concession financing plan
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1/ Zone description- Analysis of SENELEC operating data in rural zone- Analysis of household, infrastructure and activities survey- Creation of a GIS covering the concession* Demand analysis and projection- electrification needs estimation in the future concession- Spatial analysis, prioritization of electrification target- Load analysis and forecast- Network expansion planning
2/ Engineering proposal- Recommendation for studies and construction work- LV engineering network- 30kV Line calculation sample* Investment program – Economic and Financial analysis- Investment recommending for years 3, 10 and 20- Financing principles proposal- Tariff orientation- Concessionaire specification drafting- Concessionaire business plan simulation* Environmental analysis- Policy legislation and institutional framework description- Description of different receiving environment - Public consultation- Risk analysis
3/ Social and environment management plan