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Development of a methodological Guide for environmental urban planning

Country : France. .
Client : N/A
Start Date : 02/2002
Completion Date : 12/2002
Value of services : 45 000€
Funder : N/A
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
In order to promote and to develop the energy and environmental solutions in urban projects and urban planning, ADEME wants to give support to main local decision-makers : municipalities, regional authorities, urban planners, etc. This support is under the shape of methodological guides, covering the various fields of environment. The Energy Guide gives the necessary information to carry out the studies required for the introduction of energy efficient solutions:
* energy diagnostic, analysis of the demand and offer, forecast
* analysis of impacts of decisions: development of renewable energy and of energy local resources, dissemination of energy efficient solutions in buildings. Impacts may be environmental, economical, social (increasing employment, improving life conditions of poor population, etc.)
* elaboration of an energy territorial planning
* definition of obligations to be introduced in the urban planning documentation, regulation, contracts
* following and monitoring

The Energy Guide includes:
- environmental, economical and social issues of energy planning
- general methodology, to be adapted to the different territorial scales
- specific methodological approaches: CHP, district heating, wind energy, hydro-electric plants, etc.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED is in charge of the Energy Guide. Several consultants work on different other guides, each one in his own field of expertise (water, noise, solid wastes, transport, etc.), under the coordination of a specialist of urban planning. This ensures that the final guides are useful for generalist urban planners even if elaborated by specialists.