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Participation to the Scientific and technical Committee of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Country : OTHERS
Client : World Bank (GEF - Global Environment Fund)
Start Date : 2002
Completion Date : 2005
Value of services : 12 000€
Funder : World Bank (GEF - Global Environment Fund)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The STAP is the organ that defines the GEF scientific and methodological orientations and that directly reports to the GEF council.

Anjali Shanker (IED Director) is one of the four people more particularly led to bring a contribution under the topic of the climate change.

Despite the funds renewal for a sum of 3 Billions US$, the GEF is at the moment in a situation where it has more and more solicitations that it can’t accommodate. In this context, it matters to define well the strategic priorities of the GEF intervention in order to maximize its impact on the climate change. A reflection is also engaged on the financial tools the GEF has at its disposal for its intervention .
Description of the Actual Services Provided Anjali Shanker, as international expert, has been specifically contracted to participate in brain storming exchanges concerning the following issues :
* Participation of the private sector in projects concerning the global environment : how to improve it, usefulness to create new financial instruments.
* OP 5 and 6 : renewable energies and energy efficiency proven technologies : which evolutions in the GEF intervention to increase the market size ?
* OP 7 : which strategy for the GEF in the support of the new technologies ?
* GEF and Kyoto mechanisms complementarity
* OP 11 : How to design the GEF interventions to have an impact on the transport sector emissions ?