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SPLASH project – Spatial Plans and Local Arrangement for Small Hydro. Development of local plans for Small Hydro development. Dissemination activities for good practise and design.

Country : Poland. France. Switzerland. Ireland. Greece. Belgium. Portugal
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Start Date : N/A
Completion Date : N/A
Value of services : 1 225 783€
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Description :
The reforms introduced by the French law Solidarity and Urban Renewal Urbain (SRU) allow the communities to initiate energy approaches on a territory scale, within a sustainable development view and for energy supply security.
The European project SPLASH consists in collaborating with the local communities, associations and electricity producers to integrate on their territories the development of small hydroelectric power plant (SHP), with power ranging from a few tens of kW to a few MW, while limiting the impacts on environment.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED coordinates this project at the European level and ensures with ADEME its implementation in France. The project is divided into 6 phases in order to achieve the goals :
* Phase I : data collection (environmental regulation, administration, techniques, financial and economy, the mechanisms of financial supports, public/private partnerships), initialization of the development plans of SHP on a territory and consultations with the stakeholders ;
* Phase II : Identifications of sites/territories for the evaluation of hydraulic resources for fast development and of the main constraints ;
* Phase III : Preparation of local development plans, which could be used as model in other European countries ;
* Phase IV: Good practice guide for SHP projects development, and methodological guide on planning issues aiming at integrating the PCH in the lawful and environmental context ;
* Phase V : Feasibility studies for two to four sites (according to the size) per partner on the selected territories ;
* Phase VI : Dissemination all over the project duration : workshops, conferences, sites visits.