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Preparation of Institutional Assistance to the Power Department of Mauritania

Country : Mauritania .
Client : French Embassy – Cooperation and Cultural Action Department
Start Date : 2004
Completion Date : 2005
Value of services : 65 000$
Funder : French cooperation
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The consultant’s mission was to define an institutional assistance for the Department of Power of the Ministry of Hydrology and Energy.
In parallel to the interviews conducted with the chief executive stakeholders, the method consisted firstly in an analysis of the energetic context of Mauritania : resources and supply means, combination of the power production means on the interconnected network, power systems development strategy.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The consultant then examined the institutional framework of the power industry, including a detailed review of the organisation chart and the statutory tasks of the Department of Power.
Lastly, in order to provide a pragmatic view of the Department of Power’s mission, the consultant described the activities of this institution :
 Quantified stakes of the electrification in Mauritania
 Mid-term investment programme
 Chief executive level strategic tasks, in particular : power equipment planning, research of normalisation adapted to the various context of development, supervision of the SOMELEC and the ADER that include cost cutting targets.

From this analysis, the institutional assistance has been defined as a training package, along with the execution of a national electrification master plan.
The recommended training package includes :
- A geographical information system (GIS)
- A power demand forecast analysis module
- A module covering financial appraisal and economical ranking of the equipments to be developed
- A tariff setting module

The package is arranged so as to enable the National Energy Efficiency Cell, the Rural Electrification Agency to jointly benefit with the Department of Power from the relevant training modules.
The consultant established the budget and the timing Gantt Chart of this assistance.