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Support and capacity building in GIS and electrification planning for the Mauritanian Ministry of Energy

Country : Mauritania .
Client : Ministry of Energy, Electricity department
Start Date : May 2005
Completion Date : October 2005
Value of services : 42 270 €
Funder : French cooperation
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The objective of this project was to support the Electricity Department in the following missions :
• Electricity planning
• Investments programmes assessment and monitoring in production, transmission and distribution
• Building and supervision of electricity laws, rules, norms.
The Energy control national agency (CNME) and the Rural Electrification Development Agency (ADER) were also within the scope of this project.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Three different actions were part of this support :
1. Capacity building and training of the electricity department staff and of the related agencies on many aspects related to planning and electric investments monitoring :
• analysis and load forecast methods, investment planning criteria
• technical and economical optimization of the electricity offer by the spatial distribution of electric demand and by an economical ordering of group of localities to electrify.
2. Building and installation of a GIS and the related database. The GIS was the main tool to use by the electricity department for its planning and load analysis activities. The database ensures archiving and analysis of every electric project (current or done) and organizes the monitoring of the whole electric national stock. The database was build on Microsoft SQL server with a client software for recording and consulting developed on windows .NET.
3. Documentation support related to the missions and activities of the electricity department.