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Elaboration of the White Paper for a Regional Policy in the energy sector for ECOWAS Countries

Country : Benin . Burkina Faso. Capo-Verde. Ivory Coast. Gambia. Ghana. Guinea. Guinea Bissau. Liberia. Mali. Niger. Nigeria. Senegal. Sierra Leone. Togo.
Client : UNDP - United Nations Development Programme . French state Ministère des Affaires Etrangères Français
Start Date : July 2005
Completion Date : October 2005
Value of services : 47 000€ (value of the services provided by IED)
Funder : UNDP (United Nations Development Program) - French State (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The ECOWAS had the objective to present a white paper on energy during the Energy Ministers Summit in December 2005.
Building on an assessment of the regional status regarding development (achieving the MDGs- Millennium Development Goals), and linking this to energy services, this white paper aims at suggesting an action plan, with schemes that could be presented to financial partners. One of the key aspects was to find what belongs to the regional authority versus what had to remain among member-state decision level.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED conducted the whole analysis and write up of the report. In particular it was asked to provide a document of 30 pages + appendices, with a 2 pages executive summary.
The report is made of 3 parts :
- Assessment of the individual country situation: MDG achievements and energy status. This includes an analysis of energy services including petroleum products, electricity services and biomass. A set of indicators has been developed to have a synthetic vision.
- Analysis of the possible components of a regional approach : analysis of the links between energy and poverty alleviation (MDG) through a literature review and historical and correlation analysis. Review of interconnection opportunities, common issues among member states.
- Action plan and scheme proposal : quantified action plan, with investment schemes and recommendations, so as to provide a basis for discussion amongst ECOWAS countries’ ministers.