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Feasibility studies of two micro hydro power stations

Country : France .
Client : European Union .
Start Date : 2005
Completion Date : 2005
Value of services : N/A
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) - Private funders
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
SPLASH project aims at establishing, in partnership with four other countries of the European Union, and in close dialogue with the local communities, the trade associations and the public/private producers of electricity, a harmonious development of the micro hydro power plants (MHPP), of a unit power being able to go from a few tens of kW to a few MW.
This project has vocation (1) to identify territories/sites adapted to the preparation of local development plans (being able to be used as model) around the development of the MHPP, (2) to establish a step-by-step guideline on MHP development and a best practice guide on planning issues, aiming at the most adequately inserting studied MHPP in the lawful and environmental contexts actually into force.
The quoted feasibility studies (established on the French territory) are the phase V of the SPLASH project. They relate to, in both cases, the rehabilitation of old mills.
They aim to define new installations and to propose concrete actions to identify and assist the future institutional investors or the interested private operators.
Description of the Actual Services Provided They are as follows:
• Definition of the general environment of the projects and their local framing,
• Examination of the administrative and lawful contexts, and the procedures actually in progress,
• review and analysis of the main data base, in particular hydrometric and hydrological data (physical characteristics of the specific watersheds, weather conditions, Flow contributions, low water levels and high waters...)•
• Analysis of diagrams of installation and optimisation of the mechanical & electrical equipment,
• Correlative evaluation of the anticipated production,
• Description of the works and establishment of the amounts of investment,
• Economic survey and financial analysis,
• Establishment of a general program of realisation which specifies the following elements:
- the planning of operation fixing the target dates for commissioning,
the organisation of the management of all the development’s phases, which distinguishes the activities of engineering, the more administrative activities of drafting and deposit the requires authorisation, the activities of people investigations and the authorisations to obtain, as well as the activities of construction