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Technical assistance to the Grenoble OPATB thermal and energy efficiency improvement programme

Country : France .
Client : Town of Grenoble .
Start Date : 2005
Completion Date : 2009
Value of services : 150 000€
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) - ANAH (Agence nationale de l'Habitat)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Led by the city of Grenoble on the main boulevards area, helped by the ADEME (French Energy and Environment Agency), the ANAH and the Ministry of Equipment, Transports and Housing, the OPATB (Programmed Operation of Building Thermal Characteristics Improvement) consists in a wide animation and subsidies programme to encourage the contracting authorities and employers to start studies and demand side management works.

This works concern the heating systems, the hot water production, the service sector building air-conditioning, including the use of renewable energies and rational use of electrical energy in all the building uses.
Description of the Actual Services Provided During a preliminary phase, IED conducted an evaluation of the territory potential, and then an inventory of the public sector sites. On the basis of several energy audits of characteristic sites (hotels, shops), IED made recommendations detailed on a technical, economical and environmental point of view..

Following this first phase, Grenoble city launched the operational phase. Within this second phase, IED is in charge of the service sector part, focus on 40 buildings of the "main boulevards" of Grenoble city.
IED mission includes :
- approximately 20 additional energy pre-diagnostic
- 9 additional detailed diagnostics
- training and raising awareness activities on the various type of actions identified (air conditioning, building modifications, user behaviours…) towards project owner and technical responsible of the buildings covered by the program
- following and evaluation of works carried out