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Elaboration of the regional energy sector action plan for Central African countries

Country : Cameroon . Equatorial Guinea. Congo. Gabon. Chad. Centrafrica.
Client : GTZ, Germany
Start Date : December 2005
Completion Date : September 2006
Value of services : 159 750 €
Funder : European Union (EUEI PDF Partnership Dialogue Facility)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Following the interdepartmental government workshop hold in Brazzaville in July 2005 on energy access in rural area in ECCAS area, the preliminary components of an action plan at short and medium term has been identified. The study aims at elaborating more precisely the action plan to be presented to the Head of States meeting scheduled beginning of 2006.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The study includes identification missions within the 6 states of ECCAS. Besides data collection, those missions should enable to meet with key stakeholders of the energy sector in each country, not only at the institutional level but also at private and non governmental levels.

Actions identified will focus on :
- The development of harmonised and integrated energy policy
- Sub regional consultation for the development of appropriated energy services
- Appropriate Financial mechanisms for the development of an adequate offer and supply on energy services
- Information, raising awareness and communication

In this view, the action plan proposed will need to be based on :
- a clear understanding of the current situation, obstacles to overcome as well a potentialities
- appropriation of the proposed approach by experts, decision makers, and all stakeholders involved in development. It will be possible thanks to meetings in each country as well as during a final regional workshop for discussion and validation
- determination of definite objectives