Rural electrification. Solar power  N/A



Meeting high-priority electricity needs of rural public institutions with photovoltaic technology

Country : Rwanda .
Start Date : September 2005
Completion Date : December 2005
Value of services : 96 100 $
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : PA Energy
Description :
IED has been contracted to assist the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) in the design and planning process of a new cross-sectoral solar programme for rural public institutions.
Description of the Actual Services Provided In consultation with individual ministries (health, education, water, ...), with government representatives at district level and with local beneficiary institutions, IED has developed :
(i) a generic catalogue of PV-based electricity packages to meet their priority needs,
(ii) a model of tendering document including standard technical specifications for equipment supply and description of service provision (installation, maintenance, training, monitoring, ...),
(iii) a 5-year staged investment & maintenance programme and budget, and
(iv) a detailed plan for coordination, capacity building and the ToR for technical assistance required for successful implementation.

Major efforts have been devoted to initiate a demand-driven programme where individual ministries at central and local level incorporate the new energy guidelines – based on the energy packages developed – in their routine planning and budgeting decisions