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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
489 Study of solar hybridization of diesel power plants and extensions of mechanicaland low voltage networks for 23 isolated localities in Niger Studies Niger. . 2023
488 Feasibility study for a photovoltaic power plant with battery energy storage in N'Djamena Studies Chad. . 2022-2023
487 Modelling Mauritania's energy trajectory by 2050 Studies Mauritania. . 2023
486 Technical assistance for capacity building of institutions in the electricity sector in the management of the Universal Access Program in Senegal Technical assistance Senegal. 2022-2025
485 Impact study of the Green Mini Grid programme in Kenya Studies Kenya. . 2022-2024
484 Additional study on the electrification of the city of Kabinda Studies DRC. . 2022
483 Implementation of a geographical information system of the electricity distribution infrastructures and of the CEET's customers Software application Togo. . 2022-2023
482 Integration of solar and wind power plants of up to 100 MW into the N'Djamena power grid Studies Chad 2022
481 Development of the WAPP GIS database and a web-based visualization interface Software application WESTERN AFRICA. . 2021-2022
480 Control and supervision of the works to add a 63/15 kV transformer span to the Sémé substation and HV connection of the FABRIMETAL plant Multiple Benin. . 2022
479 Assessment of Electrification Options for Sierra Leone Studies Sierra Leone. . 2022-2023
478 Technical assistance for the identification and formulation of an energy action ENR Technical assistance Cameroon. . 2022-2023
477 National diagnosis of access to electricity and proposals for acceleration Studies Cameroon. . 2022-2023
476 Studies, sizing and design of the electricity distribution network of the Oasis Cité in Pamnonghin (Ouagadougou) Studies Burkina Faso. . 2021-2022
475 Control and supervision of 63 KV line laying works for the SBEE Technical assistance Benin. . 2022
474 Assistance for the preparation of the Otjikoto biomass power plant project in Namibia (40 MW) Technical assistance Namibia. . 2022
473 National Energy Information System Diagnostic and Capacity Building for 11 African Countries Consultancy Algeria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo, Egypt, Gabon, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe 2022
472 Technical Assistance SUNREF program for financing renewable energy & energy efficiency projects Technical assistance Ivory Coast. . 2022-2024
471 Assistance to Project Owner and Project Management of a 360 kW self-production plant project by gasification of cashew hulls Technical assistance Benin. . 2020-2023
470 Green Energy acceleration plan Studies Sao Tome-et-Principe. . 2021-2022