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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
141 Baseline survey, monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Hydro Market Development Strategy Studies Ethiopia. . 2003
137 Feasibility study of the regional programme for decentralized rural electrification in Cameroon Development of Mini Hydro Power (MHP) Studies Cameroon. . 2002
136 Energy audit in some butcher and caterer companies Studies OTHERS 2003
135 Development of Terms of reference for studies on demand side management and on decentralized power production Studies France. . 2002
134 Feasability study for power supply from a drinking water supply network Studies France. . 2002
133 Development of a software for decentralized electrification systems management in developing countries (“MR Gestion” and “PV Gestion”) Software application OTHERS 2002
132 SHERPA Small Hydro Energy Efficient Campaign Action Consultancy France. Sweden. Italy. Slovenia. Sweden. Poland 2006
131 Technical audit of the air conditioning equipments at BICEC headquarter (International Bank of Cameroon for Saving and Credit) prior to their rehabilitation Studies Cameroon. . 2006
130 International comparative study on power production costs in non-interconnected zones (countries) Studies France. . 2002
129 Study on innovative risk coverage and financing of projects related to the implementation of CDM Projects focussing in India and Morocco-Iris Kyoto Studies Morocco. India. 2003
128 SPLASH project – Spatial Plans and Local Arrangement for Small Hydro. Development of local plans for Small Hydro development. Dissemination activities for good practise and design. Consultancy Poland. France. Switzerland. Ireland. Greece. Belgium. Portugal 2003
127 Participation to the Scientific and technical Committee of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Consultancy OTHERS 2002
126 Pre-feasibility study of Small Hydro power plants in Tea catchments areas of Kenya Studies Kenya. . 2004
125 Representation on behalf of France in the IEA PVPS Task 9 – Deployment of Photovoltaic services for regional development Consultancy VARIOUS 2002
125 Representation on behalf of France in the IEA PVPS Task IX Programme – Deployment of photovoltaic technologies : Co-operation with Developing Countries Consultancy OTHERS 2002
124 Organisation of a discussion workshop on Decentralised Rural Electrification Projects in some West African countries Capacity building AFRICA 2002
122 Development of a methodological Guide for environmental urban planning Studies France. . 2002
118 Scoping for the renewable energy component in the development of an energy project Studies Congo 2003
117 Study on mini hydro and tidal turbine power plants technologies adapted to rural electrification in developing countries Studies ASIA. AFRICA. EUROPE 2003-2004
115 Technical assistance for monitoring and supervision of extension and rehabilitation works of inland diesel powerplants Technical assistance Mauritania. . 2007