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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
226 Development of Socio-Economic Database, and Energy Demand Survey for the Rural Electrification program Studies Indonesia . 2007
225 Energy audit of the CCI building in Grenoble Studies France . 2007
224 Studies for the realization of the interconnection Cameroon/Chad Studies Cameroon . Chad 2008
223 Bujagali hydropower project – Feasibility study for a rural electrification programme Studies Uganda . 2007
222 Terminal evaluation of the project entitled: Building Sustainable Commercial Dissemination Networks for Household PV systems in Eastern Africa Consultancy Ethiopia. Eritrea. Uganda. Tanzania. 2007
221 Assistance to the drafting of the national energy development strategy Consultancy Chad . 2007
220 Capacity-Building for CDM Project Development Activities (CF Assist Program) Capacity building Philippines . 2007
219 Capacity Building for off-grid rural electrification planning at the regional level in Ethiopia Capacity building Ethiopia . 2008
218 Engaging Indonesia Banks in scaling up investment for sustainable energy: market needs analysis from a banking perspective Consultancy Indonesia . 2007
217 Energy audit of the communal assets and street lighting in the “Département des Hautes Alpes” Studies France . 2006
216 Energy audits in horticultural and market gardening farms Studies France . 2006
215 Technical audit and legal framework design assistance of the "Bourg et Comin" HydroPower Station Consultancy France . 2006
214 Feasibility study for mini hydropower stations implementation on Ceze river Studies France . 2006
213 Capacity and institutional strengthening for rural electrification and development, Decentralized Energy Options (CAP REDEO) Capacity building Cambodia . Laos 2006-2009
212 Assistance to the Club of Agencies and National Organisations in charge of Rural Electrification (CLUB ER) Technical assistance AFRICA . 2005-2007
209 Wind Farms Regional Integration Studies France . 2006-2007
208 Development of a decentralized cooperation programme targeting transport and sustainable development sectors between Karnataka (India) and Rhône-Alpes(France) Studies India . 2006
207 Energy audit and Dynamic Thermal modelling of “Le FORUM” building in Grenoble (France) Studies France . 2006
206 Energy Audit and Dynamic thermal modelling of “Le Mercure” building in Grenoble (France) Studies France . 2006
205 Elaboration of a regulatory framework for large scale development of grid-connected wind energy Consultancy Morocco . 2006