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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
254 Development of Energy Cooperation between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Studies EUROPE . MIDDLE EAST 2008
253 Identification study of the electric interconnection between Cameroon and Chad. Electrical output and conveying. Studies Cameroon . Chad 2008
252 Study on the advisability of recovering carbon dioxide emissions avoided by the achievements of the Regional Solar Program Studies Mauritania. Mali. Senegal, Burkina Faso 2008
251 Design and Evaluation of the Technical assistance on the TEP VERTES program design Technical assistance Polynesia . New Caledonia. Wallis and Futuna 2009
247 Energetical diagnosis of the Mercure President Hotel – Grenoble Studies France . 2007
246 Definition of new strategies for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs (Energy Plan) to the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) Technical assistance ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN . ISLANDS OF THE CARIBBEAN 2008
245 Solidarity tourism and sustainable co-development of Morocco: technical assistance for waste management Studies Morocco . 2008
243 Poverty Alleviation through Cleaner Energy from Agro-Industry in Africa (PACEAA) Studies Malawi . Tanzania. Kenya. Rwanda 2008-2010
242 Energy management in Cambodian Hotel sector Studies Cambodia . 2008
239 Technical assistance to the intensive periurban electrification project in 5 countries in the CEMAC zone and implementation of 57,000 social connections Technical assistance Cameroon. Centrafrica. Congo. Gabon. Chad. 2008-2015
238 Institutional support, implementation studies and supervision of works for rural electrification in Rumpi area focused on income generating activities (2.9 MW Hydropower plant) Technical assistance Cameroon . 2008-2018
237 Energetic diagnosis of the building of the “Mutuelle sociale Agricole” (MSA) - Grenoble Studies France . 2008
234 Support to the Club of African Agencies and Structures in charge of Rural Electrification (CLUB-ER) - Phase I Capacity building AFRICA 2008-2014
234 Support to the Club of African Agencies and Structures in charge of Rural Electrification (CLUB-ER) Phase II Capacity building AFRICA 2011-2014
233 Capacity building for interministerial cooperation in the collection and exchange of energy-related data for improved energy and development planning in Cameroon Capacity building Cameroon . 2007-2008
232 Energy of Audit of the Textile company “Teinture de Saint Jean” Studies France . 2007
231 Small Hydro Power Feasibility study of Gura, Kenya and Nchwera in Uganda Studies Uganda . Kenya 2007
229 Energy audit of 5 production sites of the “Porcher Industrie” group Studies France . 2007
228 Mainstreaming Energy for Poverty Reduction and Economic Development Elaboration (MEPRED) Studies Burkina Faso . 2007-2008
227 Project for implementing financial mechanisms in 4 Mediterranean countries in order to energize the investments in energy efficiency in the industrial field Consultancy Morocco. Tunisia. Egypt. Jordan. Lebanon 2007