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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
374 Study, control and supervision of rural electrification works in Congo (PERCO) Multiple Congo 2015-2021
373 Elaboration of the Energy Policy Document in Central Africa for 2035 and the Master Plan for the generation and transmission of electricity by 2025 and 2035 for ECCAS and DRC Studies Cameroon. Chad. Equatorial Guinea Central African Republic Congo DRC Sao Tome & Principe Gabon 2015-2017
372 Decentralized Electricity Production and Valorization of Rural Electrification (Plan VER) by hydropower (1.6 MW), and identification of 10 sites for the development of a bankable hydro project wallet Technical assistance Cameroon 2017-2020
371 Development of electrification models for peri-urban informal settlements in Burkina Faso Studies Burkina Faso 2015
370 Update of the National Rural Electrification Master Plan Studies Cameroon 2015
368 Technical, environmental and social project management of the decentralized electrification of the Ziro and Gourma provinces (ERD ZIGO): MV/LV network extension, solar power plants Multiple Burkina Faso 2014-2021
367 Development of a Power Generation and Transmission Master Plan Studies Kenya. . 2014-2015
366 Support to Energy Efficiency Program in the “Hammams” sector in Morocco Technical assistance Morocco 2014-2016
365 Study of 2 local electrification plans to prepare the tendering process of the concessions of (i) ZIGUINCHOR, OUSSOUYE, BIGNONA, SEDHIOU, and (ii) FOUNDIOUGNE. Studies Senegal. . 2014-2015
364 Implementation of 6 photovoltaic mini-grids for rural electrification in Mohéli Island, Comoros Technical assistance Comores 2014-2019
363 Benin Electricity sector development Masterplan Studies Benin. . 2014-2015
362 Project monitoring and team coaching of the energy efficiency program in the Palestinian territories Technical assistance Palestine 2014-2017
361 Georeferencing Niamey power network and developement of a dedicated network management application Software application Niger. . 2014-2015
360 National rural electrification Master plan Technical assistance Ivory Coast 2014-2015
359 Study on the existing capabilities in research and innovation related to renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa Consultancy AFRICA. . Sub-Saharan Africa (all countries) 2014-2015
358 Analysis of socio-economical profitability – Restructuring and reorganization of the Observatory-GIS of the local development Gilbert BIWOLE Studies Cameroon 2014
357 Valorisation of agricultural residues for power production in rural areas in Burkina Faso Studies Burkina Faso 2013-2014
356 Technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of the Central Africa Power Pool (CAPP) organization Technical assistance Congo. Angola. Burundi. Cameroon. Centrafrica. Gabon. EquatorialGuinea. DRC. Sao Tome-et-Principe. Rwanda. Chad 2013-2015
355 Development of the national Energy Information System (EIS) and national energy balance Software application Guinea 2014-2015
354 Public Expenditure Review (PER) in the energy sector in Cameroon Consultancy Cameroon. . 2013-2014