Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
17 Organisation of a workshop on rural electrification programmes implementation Capacity building 1994
16 Contribution to the development of a decentralised rural electrification programme for EDF Consultancy OTHERS. . 1994
15 Market assessment and feasibility of a large scale market based dissemination of solar home systems (SHS) Studies Indonesia. . 1994
14 Study on how to regulate the European network active power: development of a coordinated defence plan in case of synchronism disruptions, a parametric study of the active power Studies France. . 1994
13 Study of line over-loading in the French electricity network : fast retriggering benefits Studies 1995
12 Evaluation of the first phase of the decentralized rural electrification pilot programme Studies Morocco. . 1994
11 Identification of demand side management (DSM) programmes Studies France. . 1995
10 Study on water and power distribution in small urban centres Studies Centrafrica. . 1994
9 Drafting of an information document on the Regional Solar Programme (PRS) and a study report on lessons learnt Consultancy OTHERS. . 1995
8 Technical assistance to the European Commission for the development of an energy sector co-operation strategy with Asia Technical assistance ASIA. . 1994-1996
7 Study on cooperation between Sahelian countries (CILSS) and European Commission and development of a tool to assist project monitoring Studies AFRICA. . 1994
6 Feasibility study for the development of small scale hydro-power plants Studies Morocco. . 1989
5 Identification of hydroelectric micro-power station projects in the framework of Franco-Indian co-operation Consultancy India. . 1992
4 Technical assistance to the Cameroon Energy Department for the design of the energy sector master plan Technical assistance Cameroon. . 1990
3 Development of a drinking water supply scheme for medium-sized localities Studies Mali. . 1990
2 Identification of eligible projects in Africa for the Global Environment Facility Studies AFRICA. . 1992
1 Setting up and coordination of an energy development experts group Capacity building OTHERS. . 1990