Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
32 Documentary study on power distribution in suburban areas in India, Indonesia, Africa Studies OTHERS. . 1997
31 Development of an Energy Service Company for energy efficiency operations in the industry and buildings Studies Ivory Coast. . 1997
30 Technical audit of Nouadhibou power unit Studies Mali. . 1997
29 Study of the electricity supply of the city of Toamasina Studies Madagascar. . 1997
28 Writing tender documents and Technical assistance for the rural electrification of Maio island through wind-diesel hybrid power plant Studies Cape Verde. . 1996
27 Feasability of a Rural Electrification programme in the migration area of Kayes Studies Mali. . 1996
26 Feasability study of rural electrification of Maio island based on renewable energy Studies Cape Verde. . 1996
25 Feasibility study of micro - hydro sites. Studies France 1996
24 Load forecast for Nouakchott and Nouadhibou power systems for the year 2000-2005 and impacts on the generation plan Studies Mauritania. . 1996
23 Organisation of the 1995 Marrakech Seminar on decentralized electrification issues Capacity building OTHERS. . 1995
22 Mid-term evaluation of the GEP-UNDP photovoltaic rural electrification project Studies Zimbabwe. . 1994
21 Definition of a project for production, commercialisation and maintenance of mechanical wind pumps for Djibouti and export in the Sub-region Studies Djibouti. . 1995
20 Feasability study of a 100 000 Solar Home Systems programme for ASEAN islands Promotion of photovoltaic based rural electrification in India (European initiative) Studies India. . 1995
19 Drafting of the White paper on “decentralized Rural Electrification for sustainable development Consultancy OTHERS. . 1994
18 Updating study of the extension programme of Nouakchott city urban network Studies Mauritania. . 1995
17 Organisation of a workshop on rural electrification programmes implementation Capacity building 1994
16 Contribution to the development of a decentralised rural electrification programme for EDF Consultancy OTHERS. . 1994
15 Market assessment and feasibility of a large scale market based dissemination of solar home systems (SHS) Studies Indonesia. . 1994
14 Study on how to regulate the European network active power: development of a coordinated defence plan in case of synchronism disruptions, a parametric study of the active power Studies France. . 1994
13 Study of line over-loading in the French electricity network : fast retriggering benefits Studies 1995