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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
53 Improvement of the electricity storage process in the PV equipment (IMPROVESTORE) Consultancy OTHERS. . 1999
52 Certification and Standardisation of PV equipment to ensure the development of a sustainable market in the developing countries (CESIS-PV) Studies OTHERS. . 1998
51 Comparative Evaluation of Analytical Tools for the Environmental quality of buildings Studies France. . 1999
50 Working Group on Efficient Domestic Ovens Capacity building EUROPE. . 1998
49 Identification of mini-hydro investments and feasability study Studies Madagascar. . 1998
48 Development of a mini hydro based rural electrification programme for Bhutan Studies Bhoutan. . 1997
47 Proposal for the European Union Thermie A Programme Studies France. . 1997
46 Evaluation of the Ademe policy for decision making in industrial wastes Studies France 1997
45 Development of a support document for the development of the energy sector Consultancy Burkina Faso. . 1997
44 Technical Assistance to the Regional co-ordination of the Regional Solar Pumping Programme - Consolidation phase Technical assistance Cape Verde. Gambia. Mauritania. Guinea Bissau. Senegal. Burkina Faso. Mali. Niger. Chad 1997
43 Evaluation of Migrations & Development NGO electrification actions Studies Morocco. . 1997
42 Promotion of Decentralised Rural Electrification (DRE) in Mali and Burkina Faso Studies Burkina Faso. Mali. 1997
41 Technical assistance to the extension of the suburban grid of Nouakchott city Technical assistance Mauritania. . 1997
39 Review of a PV based electrification project targeting 1000 rural schools Studies South Africa. . 1997
38 Pre- Feasability study of 3 small hydro power units in Central Sulawesi Studies Indonesia. . 1997
37 Feasibility study of a 100 000 Solar Home Systems programme for ASEAN islands Studies Malaysia. Indonesia. Philippines 1997
36 Development of a synthesis document on the electrification of suburban areas (India, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua) Studies Indonesia. Costa Rica. Argentina. Ecuador. Nicaragua. 1997
35 Identification of critical success factors for renewable energy based projects in developing countries Consultancy OTHERS 1997
34 Development of a synthesis document on lessons learnt from the Marrakech Seminar on decentralized rural electrification. For UN-Commission for Sustainable Development Capacity building OTHERS. . 1996
33 Status Analysis of the Regional Solar Programme Definition of a priority action plan for 1997 Consultancy CILSS countries 1997