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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
94 Feasibility study of the Burkina Faso component of the Regional Solar Pumping Programme Studies Burkina Faso. . 2000
93 Technical assistance to the rural electrification project of Ganzourgou region Technical assistance Burkina Faso. . 2000
92 Assessment of energy potential, with special focus on renewable energies Studies France. . 2000
91 Feasibility study for the private development of mini hydropower plants Studies Philippines. . 2000
90 Harnessing of biomass for decentralised rural electrification Consultancy Cameroon. . 1999
89 Assessment of a renewable energy based electrification programme Consultancy France. . 2000
88 Promotion of grid-connected PV systems in Europe (HIP HIP project) Consultancy Austria. France. Germany. Italy. Netherlands 2000
87 On site assessment of a PV Volumetric pump performances Studies Niger. . 1999
86 Feasability study for urgent operation power capacity strengthening in Ouagadougou Studies Burkina Faso. . 1999
85 Upgrading of the environment and energy aspects of the Industrial Zone of Sidi Bernoussi Zenata - Casablanca Consultancy Morocco. . 1999
84 Study on renewable energy sources market and of rational use of energy in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam Studies Malaysia. Philippines. Thailand. Vietnam 1999
83 Framework study for changing / upgrading chillers and cooling systems in Ivorian industry Studies Ivory Coast. . 1999
82 Study for improved energy efficiency of Compressed Air Systems Studies EUROPE. . 1999
81 Washing Machine label upgrading (Europe) Studies EUROPE. . 1999
80 Study on the integration of renewable energy in buildings Studies 1998
79 Feasability study for private development of mini hydro power plants Studies Indonesia. . 1999
78 Support to approach the Indian market in the environment and energy sectors Studies 1999
77 Feasability study for decentralized rural electrification pilot projects Studies Burkina Faso. . 2000
76 Definition of the Phase II of the Regional Solar Programme (Sahelian countries) Consultancy Burkina Faso. Cape Verde. Mali. Mauritania. Guinea Bissau. Niger. Senegal. Chad 1999
75 Development of a strategy for reduction and elimination of CFC consumption by air-conditioning systems Consultancy Syria. . 1999