Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
74 Study for costs reduction of PV-based rural electrification Studies OTHERS. . 1999
73 Promotion of renewable energy sources in Baltic countries (EU Synergy Programme) Consultancy Lithuania. Poland. Estonia. Latvia 1999
72 Home Energy Efficiency software tool on Internet for Audit-Hestia Software application EUROPE. . 1999
71 Development of the master plan of the Ouahigouya regional electric system Studies Burkina Faso. . 1999
70 Definition of the priority domain of the Danish co-operation in the field of Energy Studies Burkina Faso. . 1998
69 Design for large scale water pumping project in India Studies India. . 1999
68 Study of the strategy for renewable energy promotion in developing countries within the EU-ACP countries cooperation framework Studies OTHERS. . 1999
67 Identification of small hydropower plants for private development Studies Philippines. . 1999
66 Identification of projects for small biomass-based power plants development Studies Burkina Faso. . 1999
65 Economic assessment of the second sub-station planned for Maputo power supply from South Africa Studies Mozambique. . 1998
64 Contribution to the Eurorex (European Renewable Energy Exchange) database development Software application France. . 1998
63 Feasability study for decentralized water and energy supply based on renewable energy sources Studies Dominican Republic. . 1999
62 Reduction of CFC 11 and 12 consumption in ice cater production plants in textile units Studies Vietnam. . 1999
61 Technical assistance for the improvement of Abidjan airport cooling system energy efficiency Technical assistance Ivory Coast. . 1998
59 Technical assistance for decentralized rural electrification in South West areas Technical assistance Burkina Faso. . 1998
58 Training seminar for renewable energy project developers, users, suppliers and bankers of Asean countries Capacity building ASIA 1998
57 Technical assistance to the construction of Wind-diesel generation unit for Maio island electrification Technical assistance Cape Verde. . 1998
56 Study on capacity expansion of a diesel power plant Studies Mauritania. . 1998
55 Strategic study on Energy for Sub-Saharian countries sustainable development, with ACP-EU negotiations perspective Studies Sub-Saharans African countries 1998
54 Assessment of the European Commission JOULE and THERMIE programmes Consultancy OTHERS. . 1997