Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
208 Development of a decentralized cooperation programme targeting transport and sustainable development sectors between Karnataka (India) and Rhône-Alpes(France) Studies India . 2006
207 Energy audit and Dynamic Thermal modelling of “Le FORUM” building in Grenoble (France) Studies France . 2006
206 Energy Audit and Dynamic thermal modelling of “Le Mercure” building in Grenoble (France) Studies France . 2006
205 Elaboration of a regulatory framework for large scale development of grid-connected wind energy Consultancy Morocco . 2006
203 Analysis of the Legal Framework for SMEs in the Energy Sector Studies Cameroon . 2006
202 Assistance for private sector networking in the energy sector in ASEAN region Consultancy SOUTHEAST ASIA . SOUTH ASIA 2006
201 Organisation of an international Workshop on the Theme :”Energy Efficiency, Private-Public Partnerships and Sustainable Development in industrial zones”. Capacity building Morocco . 2005
200 Energy audit of a company producing pesticide and chemical products for agriculture Studies France . 2006
199 Support to Economic Clusters Programme: Development of Oil and Gas machinery Industry Studies Kazakhstan . 2006
198 Technical assistance to the decentralized rural electrification project through photovoltaic packages and mini grids supplied by mini hydropower or diesel stations (VOPS) Technical assistance Laos 2006-2009
197 Revision of the energy part of the French "Environmental Approach of Urbanism" guidebook Studies France . 2005
196 Vocational Technical Training for Cambodia and Laos rural electrification SMEs (VTCL) Capacity building Cambodia. Laos. 2005-2006
195 Meeting high-priority electricity needs of rural public institutions with photovoltaic technology Studies Rwanda . 2005
194 Study on Decentralised electrification in Mauritania – Solar component Studies Mauritania . 2005
193 Feasibility study for the natural gas supply to the Corsica island Studies France . 2006
192 Elaboration of the regional energy sector action plan for Central African countries Consultancy Cameroon . Equatorial Guinea. Congo. Gabon. Chad. Centrafrica. 2005
191 Pre-Feasibility studies for mini hydro power plants implementation for tea factories supply in East Africa Studies Burundi . Kenya. Malawi. Mozambique. Rwanda. Tanzania. Uganda. Zambia 2005
190 Technical assistance to the Grenoble OPATB thermal and energy efficiency improvement programme Technical assistance France . 2005
189 Capacity Building Strategy for the Electricity Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) Capacity building Cameroon . 2005
188 Feasibility studies of two micro hydro power stations Studies France . 2005