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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
319 Geographic Information System (GIS) and Rural Electrification planning training Capacity building Benin . 2012
318 Studies on innovative approaches to increase access to electricity service in Sub Saharian Africa Consultancy CENTRAL AFRICA . 2009
317 Local Electrification plan study of Rufisque-Thies-Tivaoune -Dioubel-Bambeye-Mbacke Concession Studies Senegal . 2012
316 Energy audit of a detention center - OERMINGEN Studies France . 2012
315 Strategy definition for the development of National renewable Energy Strategy in Rwanda Consultancy Rwanda . 2012
314 Identification of a rural electrification program of Bengo and Kwanza Norte provinces Technical assistance Angola. . 2012
313 Diagnosis of actions undertaken for the wood energy supply chain of the cities in the Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger) Studies Burkina Faso. Niger. Mali 2011
312 Estimate the cost of fuel based electricity in Guyana and overseas between 2010 and 2040. Studies Guyana 2011
311 Project Management for Implementation of power production plants for isolated rural localities (6 hybrid PV/Diesel power stations completed with SHS pre-electrification solutions for 90 localities) and implementation of local managers. Technical assistance Mauritania . 2012-2015
310 Socio-economic studies and development plans for the participatory forest management for the production of wood "energy" in the region of the Ouémé Studies Benin . 2011
307 Energy audit of a remand center - PRIVAS Studies France . 2011
306 Development of the ECOWAS Regional Renewable Energy Policy Consultancy WESTERN AFRICA 2011
305 Supervision of installation, collection of payments and maintenance of 12,000 Solar Home Systems (SHS) in the framework of the Rural Electrification and Transmission Project (RETP) Technical assistance Cambodia 2011-2012
304 Updating of the Missionary Electrification Development Plan (MEDP) 2012-2016 Studies Philippines 2011
303 Gura and Kipchoria Small hydropower project power wheeling case studies Studies Kenya 2011
302 Prospection of hydroelectric falls in west French departments Studies France . 2011
301 Definition of the Wood and Biomass Energy Strategy in the framework of the Rural Electrification and Transmission Project (RETP) Studies Cambodia . 2011
299 Execution studies and supervision of works for the electrification of 31 localities in Sahel region (ELSA project) Technical assistance Burkina Faso . 2011-2017
298 Rural Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan Consultancy Cambodia . 2011
297 Detailed studies, tender, supervision of works and project management for the development by a private investor and the construction of the small hydropower plant of Mbakaou Carrière and rural electrification of 8 localities (2.8 MW) Technical assistance Cameroon 2011-2021