Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
439 Power Development Plan Cambodia Technical assistance Cambodia. . 2019-2021
438 Diagnosis and preliminary project summary for 250 villages (off-grid) Studies Niger 2019-2020
437 Studies, project management assistance & project management for the rehabilitation of the electricity networks of Bambari and Berberati Technical assistance Republic of Centrafrica 2019-2020
436 National Electrification Strategy for Uganda Studies Uganda 2019-2020
435 Master plan for generation, transmission & distribution of electricity of Gabon at horizon 20 years Studies Gabon 2019-2020
434 Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan Studies Namibia. 2019-2020
433 Project instruction support for the security, extension and modernization of 4 hydro plants Studies Uzbekistan 2019-2020
432 Support on the Execution Studies of hydroelectric power plants Studies Cameroon 2019
431 Assistance in project management for PV solar hybridization works and extension of networks for 29 remote localities Technical assistance Niger 2019-2022
430 Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Options Analysis for Grid and Off-Grid Rollout Studies Congo-Brazzaville. . 2019
429 Detailed preliminary design study of a hydroelectric plant, creation of tender documents Studies Cameroon 2018-2019
428 Forecast Load Analysis for an Interconnected Power System by 2035 Studies Madagascar 2018-2019
427 Technical Assistance to the SUNREF program for energy efficiency & renewable energy projects financing Technical assistance Cameroon 2018-2021
426 Feasibility study of a project of decentralized electrification of rural localities in Ivory Coast Studies Ivory Coast 2018-2019
425 Modernization of the electrical network management software of the Nigerien Electricity Company; and georeferencing of networks to update the associated database Multiple Niger 2019
424 Small Hydropowerplant feasibility studies for rural electrification in Haute Matsiatra, Antsinanana and Amoron’i Mania regions Studies Madagascar 2018-2019
423 GIS-Based electrification study for the ECOWAS Regional Access Project Studies Mali. Gambia. Guinea Bissau. Mauritania 2018-2019
422 Multi-Tier Measurement of Energy Access (Multi Tier Framework - MTF) Technical assistance Congo-Kinshasa 2018-2019
421 Training program on Energy Information System (EIS) and preparation of the national energy balance Studies Madagascar 2018
420 Feasibility study of an electrical production unit using cashew processing residues Studies Benin 2018