IED stands with AFREC for National Energetic Information Systems (NEIS) strengthening and deployment in the African Union members states

The African Comission Energy (AFREC) organized a workshop on march 09, 2023, to present and validate the results of the program « Invest in Sustainable Energy statistics in Africa » test phasis launched on January 2022, a support program conceived to strenghthen or establish the National Energy Information Systems and improve the energetic statistics quality and coverage in the African Union (AU) member states.

This workshop leaded by both IED and the AFREC, pointed out energetic systems diagnosis reports and quinquennial action plans of each participating country. It was as well the opportunity to expose the challenges of member states and identify each country needs regarding the implementation of the reports recommendations.

As partner of this program implementation, IED worked closely with AFREC and the main national points during this past year in order to evaluate in details national energetic statistics programs, to set a diagnosis and also a quinquennial action plan for energetic statistics for each participating country.

The 10 member states diagnosis reports and action plans form an important execution tool to search for investments, to guide recommendations implementation and create or improve countries’ contributions to the NEIS, in order to establish a better energetic planning on the African continent.

In his opening speach, AFREC executive Director, Mr. Rashid Abdallah, thanked all the participants for their involvement in the program, focused on its importance for a more efficient energy resources management while developing sustainable energies progress. These efforts devoted by AFREC to enhance energy sector in Africa were praised by the African-EU energy partnership secretary-chief, Mr. Johan van den Berg.

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