Update on the progress of the PIRECT project in Chad

As part of its activities and the PIRECT project initiated by the World Bank, IED was requested by the SNE (National Electricity Company) of Chad to carry out studies and supervision concerning the distribution component of the PIRECT project. This project concerns the densification, extension, rehabilitation and modernization of the distribution network in the city of N'Djamena and includes the following activities:

  • Network studies
  • Preliminary Design Studies Summary and Detailed Design
  • DAO preparations
  • Procurement support
  • Supervision of the work
  • Implementation of a GIS
  • NES Capacity Building Program

pix Tchad Pirect

An IED team composed of 7 electrical network engineers carried out the start-up mission from 10/01 to 20/01/2023.The objective of this mission was to collect the data necessary to carry out the project studies. The teams were able to collect, for example, geographical data concerning the location of MV lines and substations, plots, meter data, operating plan of the city's MV network, etc. Thanks to the SNE whose welcome and availability to the IED teams were irreproachable.