Focus on electricity sector planning in Cameroon: SONATREL relies on IED's DAP and GAP software

As part of the project of Upgrading and Development of the Electricity Transmission Network and Reform of the Sector for SONATREL-Cameroun (National Electricity Transmission Company), IED carried out a major training program for the executives of this company.  Two two-weeks training sessions were held in Ebolowa and Mbankomo in September and October 2022.

Session 1: PowerFactory – digsilent training with the goal of mastering this reference software in electricity transmission network studies: network modeling, power flow, contingency analysis, stability studies.

Session 2: Training in demand forecasting and production planning using DAP and GAP software. The LV, MV and HV segments were covered for demand forecasting, the session ended with a partial modelling of Cameroon's demand by 2035. For production planning, the Northern Interconnected Network of Cameroon by 2035 served as a basis for the exercises.  The trainees were able to model thermal, solar, hydroelectric, battery storage and interconnections to examine the supply reliability of and the generating electricity cost.

This training cycle will allow SONATREL to strengthen its coverage of the fundamental aspects of electricity sector planning: demand, production, transport.