Let's preserve the climate and the environment : let's offset our carbon emissions!

CTradeTravel in the countries of IED intervention, although still relatively reduced by certain restrictions related to Covid-19, has nevertheless generated the emission of 74 Tons of CO2 for the year 2021.

In favour of environmental and climate protection, IED has decided to offset its carbon emissions for the year 2021. This carbon offset process consists in participating to projects to reduce impact of greenhouse gases. This year IED supports the REDD+ project in Mai Ndombe certified by Climate Trade, project aiming to safeguard 300,000 hectares of forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The supported project aims to reduce the main causes of forest and biodiversity loss and charts a new path for community prosperity through comprehensive investments in surrounding local communities, which are among the poorest in the world. These investments include the construction and renovation of schools, the provision of health services (such as access to immunizations), support for food security and nutrition (including agricultural diversification), and the establishment of capacity-building activities to empower local communities.

And you ? What projects and actions do you carry out to offset your carbon emissions ?