Construction of the Mbakaou Carrière hydroelectric power plant: installation of the 2 penstocks pipes and educational visit of students of the University of Ngaoundéré city

A new milestone was reached in the construction of the small Mbakaou Carrière hydroelectric power plant (1.4 MW, 11.2 GWh/year) in Cameroon, project carried by IED INVEST as project developer, and IPP (Independent Power Producer), in partnership with the IED Group, Cameroon's Ministry of Energy (MINEE), the Rural Electricity Agency, ARSEL (regulation), ENEO (distribution), with financial support from the European Union, the French Fund for the World Environment and the Pre-Financing Fund of the BGFI Bank.

Since April 15, 2021, the two penstocks in PRFV (Polyester Reinforced Glass Fibers) of nominal diameter DN1700 (1.7 meters), connecting the loading basin to the entrance of the spiral tarpaulins of the distributors of Kaplan turbines, are installed.

Mbakaou mai 21 1

The structures are located in the Adamaoua, on the Djerem River, at the level of the west arm, downstream of the Mbakaou control dam and will drift at the water intake a flow of 13 m3/s, over a length of 115m, for a gross fall height of 15m, and after turbinage, return to the river. The plant will power 8 localities, including the city of Tibati.

Mbakaou Mai 21 2

The project goal is also to communicate and promote decentralized mini-hydropower electricity. On April 16, 2021, thanks to the organization and educational guidance of IED INVEST CAMEROUN, no less than a hundred students from the ENSAI and IUT schools of N'Gaoundéré city, were able to visit the site, to understand and see the concrete application of the principles of site development and layout of hydroelectric works.

Mbakaou Mai 21 3