IED organizes distance training to adapt to global pandemic situation

Despite the international travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, IED is adapting and proposes to its clients to continue the training of energy sector professionals thanks to the video-conferencing and remote computer configuration system.

SInce few months, several training sessions on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as well as on network and off-grid planning software (DAP, NAP, GEOSIM) have been held in Benin, Gabon and Madagascar from IED's office in France in order to allow participants from various entities to improve their skills on these software packages developed by IED. This is illustrated by the photo below, representing a training course given at a distance in the framework of the Geospatial Energy Planning project in Madagascar, financed by the World Bank.

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Despite these various constraints related to the current situation, IED teams are still mobile as much as possible and continue to provide training according to conditions.