IED offsets its carbon emissions for the year 2020 and supports 2 projects certified "Climate +" by the Gold Standard.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, IED journeys to its intervention countries have led to a sharp reduction in  IED displacement, have resulted in the emission of  60 tonnes of CO2 for the year 2020.

The carbon offset process allows you to participate in projects that acts on reducing greenhouse gases.

The projects supported this year are in two new IED intervention countries:

  • Myanmar Stoves Campaign - 30T:


The Improved Stoves Campaign in Myanmar, a program of the Soneva Foundation, is the first Gold Standard Certified Carbon Project in Myanmar. Rural families in Myanmar spend more than 40% of their income - or the equivalent in time - when buying or collecting and cutting wood to feed the stoves for cooking.

Here, each cooker reduces wood consumption by at least 50%, which both reduces the pressure on forests and household spending on fuel. Air pollution is reduced by 80%, which also improves the health and safety of the community as a whole. Carbon emissions are reduced by 60 % equivalent to 4 tonnes per year per stove.

Myanmar 4

  • Qori Q'oncha Improved Cookstoves in Peru - 30 T:

The MICROSOL initiative,"Qori Q'oncha - Diffusion of Improved Cooking Homes Program in Peru", coordinates various distribution of stoves in Peru. Improved cooking stoves (ICS)  are built with local materials by local residents. Each new stove emits less greenhouse gases (GHGs) than the original stove, which helps reduce global emissions.

This project helps vulnerable families in rural areas access energy and better cooking solutions for their health, less costly to manage and require less firewood (-39%).

The Gold Standard :