Electricity is eagerly awaited in the Tibati region !

A mission to identify future users of the small hydroelectric power plant in Mbakaou-Carrière, developed by IED, is currently underway in the Tibati region.

Scheduled for summer 2021, the upcoming commissioning of the plant will allow a regular and decarbonized supply of electricity to more than 50,000 inhabitants.

In the villages near the future medium-voltage line, the arrival of electricity is eagerly awaited. In addition to a significant increase of the living conditions in households (lighting, telecommunications), electricity is expected to generate many socio-economic benefits : the creation of small shops and workshops, improved quality of health services, education or waste treatment.

In this lake area, which is highly regarded for its fish, the development of a cold chain should also reduce the productive losses of fishermen, and alleviate as well the pressure on firewood resources which are traditionally used to smoke to preserve fish.

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