Benin: mobile money to be connected to electricity!

PRERA3The PRERA project in Benin aims the access to electricity for 50,000 new subscribers to the national electricity operator, SBEE - about 800,000 beneficiaries who will directly benefit from electricity for their domestic, social (health, education, etc.) and economic needs, in Calavi, near Cotonou, and in 80 villages in the Atlantic department.


In addition to its role as prime contractor for the supervision of works (posts and HT lines, distribution works, etc.), IED is in charge of the social intermediation of the project, or how to connect as much households, infrastructures and economic actors as possible to electricity.

After sending more than 30,000 customers between 2018 and mid-2020, IED launched its innovative mobile money connection collection solution last August, in partnership with the two Benin mobile operators MTN and MOOV. After a one-month test phasis, from a pilot zone of about 1,000 future subscribers, more than 10 million CFA francs (about 15,000 euros) were collected, or a large hundred people ready to have a meter installed (prepayment) and to be connected. This is promising, and it gives the green light to expand the mobile money solution to all the beneficiaries of the project!